288 Troy, Gabriella - Start of Something New (From "High School Musical")

Troy, Gabriella – Start of Something New (From "High School Musical")

This could be the start of something new! It feels so right to be here with you 🎶 Watch Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens perform “Start of Something New” in the official music video from High School Musical! Show some love in the comments below!

High School Musical. Start Streaming November 12. Only on Disney+.

And get ready for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series streaming November 12. Only on Disney+.

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Music video by Troy, Gabriella performing Start of Something New (From “High School Musical”). © 2006 Walt Disney Records

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50 reviews - Troy, Gabriella – Start of Something New (From "High School Musical")

  1. Gehrig Burnett Jr. says:

    I never noticed the people in the background, it’s so funny to watch each 1😭😭😭🤣

  2. Ana Beatriz M.M says:

    Boa música pra quem tá aprendendo inglês

  3. karolen vaz says:

    2022 alguém??

  4. It's Autumn says:

    Sing Carlos!! -C

  5. Dariely Ramos says:

    Uma emoção tão grande

  6. Dariely Ramos says:

    Como eu amor
    E tanto amor qi eu choro

  7. Veejay says:

    It’s now 2022 , still hoping for Zanessa reunion comeback

  8. LadyQueen BBG says:

    '94 baby here to revisit a Disney channel favorite!!!

    Man they sound so much younger than what I remember 😂.

  9. Paulo Sérgio Da Silva says:

    Esse tempo foi bom assistíamos juntos era top

  10. Roberto Thomé says:

    Tempo bom eu era feliz e não sabia 🥺
    Na época eu tinha 12 anos agora tenho 28 anos e mesmo assim bate aquela saudade nostalgia pura…

  11. Mari Abreu says:

    2022, I’m 24 yo, and yes… I’m still here

  12. Thiago Nogueira says:

    alguem em 2022?

  13. Jesly Valencia says:


  14. Raylin Panes says:

    Troy be like erected when grabriela started singin her part

  15. Abd Erraouf says:

    Me and my love gell😍

  16. Future Buda says:

    A Jorgito tu terror le gusta mucho.

  17. 陆科说 says:


  18. Brandon Ramirez says:

    You like Start Of Something New song

  19. Ashvir Hiralall says:

    This was a whole different era – oohh CAN WE PLEASE GO BACK 😭😭🙌😭😭

  20. 윤채은 says:

    2:45 i just noticed that surprised look in vanessa, i don't think it's scripted lol

  21. gamer boys says:

    Fuck this movie

  22. Amol Singh Chauhan says:

    Was in class 5 or 6 when this movie came…. A fan of all these till now… Always a wildcat🤞🔥

  23. Jordan Juett says:

    But I won't hut them if u think that

  24. Jordan Juett says:

    Sorry but we both had different ways but I would be friends with them both 💯💯💯💯💯

  25. Atharv Kadiwal says:

    i recently realized that vanessa hudgens also sang "come to your senses" in tick tick boom

  26. Yuli Pérez says:


  27. janggoon says:

    I think this was every kid's dream when they went to high school lol

  28. Larissa Fagundes da silva says:

    Minha infância esse filme😍
    zac efron lindo😍
    tive o álbum de figurinhas um dos filmes em dvd 😍👍

  29. Nya says:

    I was in 3rd grade when this came out and I’m 24 now😭😭😭😭

  30. hey how is life says:

    I love how everyone was like I remember watching this when I was 12 years old and I’m here born two years later and just like

    Kinda wish I wasn’t seems like such a golden age grow up But also this is a severely nostalgic movie to me because I washed it a ton when I was 5 or 6 years old

  31. Kishan DareDevil says:

    My teenage memories ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. AA G says:

    No shade to Drew but I wish Zac could've sang in the first movie

  33. John Daltrocanto says:

    Yeah, I never watched any of these movies, I get zero feels from watching this, it’s just hilarious to me because they are evidently singing in playback.

  34. Ivan isaac Velarde ochoa says:



    yo ya es estado en la escuela en la que ellos estudian es muy fabulosa y e conocido los actores principales es maravilloso

  36. Kar Swifth says:

    my favorite scene🥺

  37. Dri Vieira says:


  38. AlyssaLynn says:

    I know Drew Seeley sang most of Troy's songs in the first High School Musical but I really love the few moments Zac got to sing! Like at the very beginning and very end of this song and beginning of Breaking Free

  39. Kavitha Mahendra says:

    Hi 😌 I can do

  40. Nadeshko says:

    Goku le gana!

  41. AnimeCraft5293 says:

    Me and my friend are singing this for the talent show

  42. AA says:

    2022 They don't make movies like this anymore😥

  43. Franco Carbone says:

    didn´t understand how esta cancion esta tan goooood

  44. Carl's Garage says:

    I was listing to this with my MP3 player back in 2000s

  45. Zephyr Satori says:

    I'm 29 and still have a HSM towel… What?

  46. Nadia Rondinone says:

    W vanessa Hudgens 😍😍😍

  47. Rosemary Miria says:


  48. Zatoka says:

    Chorkie and Lumpkinella!

  49. Thaís Portela says:

    feel like dancing in the star listen to this song

  50. Stephen Heaney says:


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