302 Predator (1987) - Old Painless Is Waiting Scene (1/5) | Movieclips

Predator (1987) – Old Painless Is Waiting Scene (1/5) | Movieclips

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Blain (Jesse Ventura) gets shot, but Mac (Bill Duke) picks up the gatling gun and blows the forest to smithereens.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has a code of honor which he will not violate, even when his life depends on it. Paradoxically, his code of honor gives him the backbone to survive as a military special forces operative when he is sent on a covert mission to rescue another group which was sent in to assist some nefarious U.S. government plan in a Latin American country. Once there, he encounters an old army buddy (Carl Weathers) who has gotten too deep in the CIA’s good graces for Dutch’s comfort. When he and his team go into the jungle to rescue the others, they get involved in a pitched battle with local guerillas, but they are more than capable of besting these vicious fighters. However, not long after that, they encounter signs that the equally capable men they were sent to rescue were all killed unawares and in an unusually gruesome fashion. Given their training, it should have been impossible for anyone to best all of these commando warriors. Soon, the men from Dutch’s own team get picked off one by one, as they grow aware that they are up against something uncanny, not of this world, something that is hunting them for sport. Why? Because their skills make them worthy opponents for the perfectly camouflaged Predator. This carefully paced action movie was given poor reviews by many movie critics, but was sufficiently satisfying for its (largely male) audiences that a successful sequel (Predator 2) was released in 1990.

TM & © Fox (1987)
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Cast: Bill Duke, Sonny Landham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura
Director: John McTiernan
Producers: John Davis, Lawrence Gordon, Beau Marks, Laurence Pereira, Joel Silver, Jim Thomas, John Vallone
Screenwriters: Jim Thomas, John Thomas

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50 reviews - Predator (1987) – Old Painless Is Waiting Scene (1/5) | Movieclips

  1. Lucid Stew says:

    Haven't seen this in a while. This scene is about twice as long as I remember. They're seriously mowing down the jungle with bullets for an entire minute. That's the pinnacle of western civilization, right there. XD

  2. ในวง สีแดงดินแดนที่ฉันจะไป says:


  3. Jamel Bailey says:

    Wow, what a great scene ! Such an underrated film. Full of testosterone and no fear of the unexpected.

  4. JDesroch 98 says:

    So I started blasting

  5. Abdus Shimla says:

    U missed a bit….there one twig still standing

  6. Skwisgar Skwigelf says:

    Talk about wasting ammo

  7. Mr nippy nelson says:

    Those m16s. Hold lots of ammo

  8. Dr MitoFit says:

    Get to the Choppa!……..to get more Ammo!

  9. P J says:

    Now they don't have ammo

  10. Nathan Payne says:

    One of the best scenes from one of the best movies ever, sit in your truck, eat lunch, watch this, perspective.

  11. Di says:

    It's a great movie

  12. John Machine says:

    Best scene of any movie ever made

  13. 351cleavland says:

    Thus began Arnie's Custom Yard and Garden service: No Hedge is Too Big!

  14. john says:


  15. Tamal Das says:

    My favourite part

  16. No Tan Commando says:

    But when you have a red plug in the barrel of your M60 ,its hard to hit anything

  17. No Tan Commando says:

    pity he ran out of ammo with the mini gun……………..

  18. Logans Run says:

    And hip fire before Tom Cruise – fact

  19. Dinesh Kumar says:


  20. Bryan Max says:

    Me: how big are the muscles in this movie.
    Vegeta: over 9000

  21. Scoundrel SFB says:

    So wait… did it hit that skunk thing first, or hit his ear? Honestly what got hit?

  22. Joe Phillips says:

    Minigun too heavy. In reality you wouldn't hv it.

  23. Ghoraxe says:

    When you used up your last scan and the dark templar blinks away

  24. Richard Daborn says:

    This is me and my Dwarven pals in Deep Rock Galactic….

  25. Legendcrunch 100 says:

    Predator be like: "Damn, what did i just get myself into"

  26. Stallone Stallone says:

    Superb movie

  27. davsny5 says:

    This is pure action and awesome, The Fast and Furious is the pathetic, bullshit excuse we get nowadays, PG-13 garbage, I weep for the future generations. To me, First Blood 1982, Commando 1985, Lethal Weapon 1987, Predator 1987, Robocop 1987, Die Hard 1988 and Tango and Cash 1989 are the best action films ever.

  28. John Wauters says:

    I am the camouflage alien

  29. John Wauters says:

    Me suitcase 😂

  30. κυиαl Singh says:

    Be like predator: surprised motherf**er

  31. Jacklyn Adams says:

    I own this movie. Absolutely LOVE it.

  32. Sibusiso Fanti says:

    Game: Stealth is optional

    Me: 1:08

  33. Lonnie Baines says:

    Funny thing though…it took Danny Glover in the second movie to bring it to Life………

  34. nascar8and20 says:

    My surround sound choock the hell of my house within this scene that I love. And also hamburger hill with the huey choppers.. my wife hated it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Mid West says:

    With today's ammo prices that's a $3,000,000 scene!

  36. Сергей Пантелеев says:

    И не сделать ведь ничего 🤔😉🤣 фильм топ вообще, таких не делают лет 30🤔🤪🔥

  37. Sneed says:

    I love how Poncho is dual-wielding an MP5 and a grenade launcher.

  38. Susie Derkins says:

    When I see a big spider

  39. CmdrLegion says:

    Bill Duke is a goddamn legend.

  40. paolo caruso says:

    best film all time!!!!!

  41. Bowen20 says:

    I can’t believe there not dieing from the sound

  42. cryptoxenologist says:

    1:25 now that's what pissing metal is like

  43. DJKitty says:

    My apologies, what was it he said? :3 0:51

  44. Αναστάσιος Παπαζαχαρίου says:

    Forest activists having a meltdown

  45. 継続高校 says:

    0:50 1:06

  46. Lukasz Stepien says:


  47. Hego Damask says:

    this scene still stands out as awesome after almost 40 years.

  48. Omar Alkema says:

    The midnight brought me here

  49. lousianan lightskin 😎 says:


  50. blackout212-_- says:

    me and my team trying to kill the tryhard player of the game

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