3827 Pet Sematary (1989) - Killing Jud Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

Pet Sematary (1989) – Killing Jud Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

Pet Sematary – Killing Jud: After coming back from the dead, Gage (Miko Hughes) kills Jud (Fred Gwynne).

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Doctor Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) moves his family to Maine, where he meets a friendly local named Jud Crandall (Fred Gwynne). After the Creeds’ cat is accidentally killed, Crandall advises Louis to bury it in the ground near the old pet cemetery. The cat returns to life, its personality changed for the worse. When Louis’ son, Gage (Miko Hughes), dies tragically, Louis decides to bury the boy’s body in the same ground despite the warnings of Crandall and Louis’ visions of a deceased patient.

TM & © Paramount (1989)
Cast: Fred Gwynne, Miko Hughes
Director: Mary Lambert
Screenwriter: Stephen King

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32 reviews - Pet Sematary (1989) – Killing Jud Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

  1. Deva Rodgers says:

    fred gwenn was great in this

  2. Donald Holderby says:


  3. Andrew Eggleston says:

    Miko Hughes the actor who played Gage really bit Jud's neck but he was careful not to hurt Fred Gwyne and than it was the Gage Creed puppet and not actor Miko.

  4. ꧁ Lunä The Föx ꧂ says:

    Church was like: Wtf am I expose to do? He is also dead god dam**it

  5. Victor Ravn says:

    So cool video

  6. The sponge under the sea says:

    OH, he a zombie

  7. Bob the Hat King says:

    Can you imagine how much he laughed acting out that bite

  8. Alex Biersner says:

    I love the music in this scene, and when Gage reveals himself and the score goes crazy (chef's kiss) amazing

  9. thegreatuser693 says:

    Poor cat gotta see what happend to the old man😂

  10. gta kid says:

    This movie good for kids

  11. Gem Heaps says:

    Is this real

  12. Krystel Goebel says:

    that is so scary and I feel so sad for that man

  13. Pak Anime says:

    Using a child actor for this discusting!

  14. Henry Su says:

    Imagine getting brutally murdered by a baby

  15. Orion Smithey says:

    No wonder this is one of Steven King best movies.

  16. Michael Betsch says:

    Gage looks like Chucky

  17. Michael Betsch says:

    Yea I'm with you jud is cool a person I would be proud to call grand dad

  18. Yoshi Todo says:

    I wonder how they made the cat's eyes glow like that….

  19. bluetooth says:

    Bro bit his throat out.

  20. Rodrigo Bernal says:

    Yo vi la película completa y era de zombies o no

  21. Caio H. says:

    Many blame Jud for Gage's return (and they are right) But he was considerate of the family and the boy, so sad they both died.

  22. ur_mom says:

    Bro gave him some next level hickeys

  23. Yves C. says:

    That unholy laughter

  24. 💙💛Evelyn rocks;D says:

    At least this isn’t real… I hope

  25. Carlos Jose says:

    And bad kid bad kid

  26. Carlos Jose says:

    This is why u dont kill none

  27. TheBoysIsPeakFiction says:

    “Aiyuh” -Jud 1989

  28. jequinn Roland says:

    The baby kill him

  29. jequinn Roland says:

    Oh my god

  30. Super Sullivan says:

    I feel so bad for Jud here, he was a good man with a good heart and good intentions. He did his best to help the family, but he ultimately became a victim of his own selfless, yet misguided actions..

  31. Miglena Stefanova says:

    Toy Story 3 (G:)

  32. Miglena Stefanova says:

    Toy Story 3-RELOADED,iso

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