7203 It's OK (From "Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Season 2")

It's OK (From "Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Season 2")

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, based on Marvel’s hit comic books, follows the adventures of 13-year-old super-genius Lunella Lafayette and her 10-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur. After Lunella accidentally brings Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York City, the duo works together to protect the city’s Lower East Side from danger.

Full Episodes Available on Disney Channel and Disney+.

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Music video by Diamond White, Libe Barer, Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Cast performing It’s OK (From “Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Season 2”). © 2024 Walt Disney Records

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12 reviews - It's OK (From "Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Season 2")

  1. @WaterfallRaventide says:

    Ship moment

  2. @oziswag3260 says:

    I know Diamond White can sing and I didn’t know Libe Barer can sing in fact this is the first time I’m hearing her sing

  3. @Deined says:

    Well, this is definitely not a shippable moment.

    Nah. 😅

  4. @user-jy3gx3xd9t says:

    this Is Good Song💙💜🌕

  5. @wesleythompson2481 says:

    I love this song so much and I love Lunella and Casey’s friendship so much😍🥰💖💜💙🌈🦄📱

  6. @ceikaiyiacheeksthedirector2920 says:

    These two are my OTP truly!

  7. @brianpang9222 says:

    tmnt 2012 and moon girl and devil dinosaur mix episodes
    Sean Astin Domanic Catrambone Rob Paulsen Greg Cipes Diamond White Fred Tatscioe Libe Barer

  8. @arielf1455 says:

    I hope MGADD gets renewed for season 3 🤞

  9. @Jaredcarneromalaga.2006 says:

    How beautiful, I really liked the series, it was very good, the excellent Disney animation, I really liked the music, it was the best.💖💖💖💪💪👍👍

  10. @keanedevadatta7055 says:

    Present 7 Minutes

  11. @Marvelousgamer7697 says:

    This Song is a vibe! Moon girl definitely has the best soundtrack for a Marvel animated series animated series! Moon girl always has great music! 🌙✨️

  12. @multiverse_media2023 says:

    Lunella and Casey’s singing is so bopping. The way they skate together, you can tell they’re in sync.

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